Born Dead Demo

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Here is another old G.R. hardcore band Born Dead. I, once again had not written down the track titles or the date of this recording. I don’t even recall where we recorded this, other than in some basement, somewhere. The lineup of this short lived band was Dave H.(Snapper from Pecker Tracks, Larvae, Weapon-X etc.) on guitar, Chad H.(of S.A./ Decay) on Bass, Mike H.(Slayor from Religious Fucks/ Reprisal) and Rick(from Decay). Unfortunately they never finished this recording and only got the drums and Chad’s bass on 1 track and guitar on a 2nd. You can, however, hear Slayors bass towards the end of the second song. Still, I liked the recording and it gives you an idea of what these guys were like. The two pictures included are stickers they gave out. – Phillip Snijders

Born Dead Sticker1Born Dead Sticker2

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Premature Baby’s 7″ – Lee Cheat & Steal

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Oh yes! Here is a gem! Straight outta Muskegon. Here is Premature Baby’s 7″ Lee Cheat & Steal. Artwork included.

pbs - lee cheat and steal cover front


Bottom Feeder Demo

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Here’s Bottom Feeder’s Mythos demo with a few bonus tracks. What can I say, I loved this band from the first time I saw/ heard them. They were so powerful and intense. I think I had to have my face surgically reattached after seeing them live. We recorded this, on my 4 track, in the same place as the Reprisal demo (Kevin’s basement in Kent City) on 2/16/97. The vocals were added on the 19th at Mike’s place with the exception of “Fear of Napalm” (a cover of Terrorizer) for which the vocals were recorded later. Some interesting points on this recording, they had planned on doing 7 songs, but since the tape ran out during the 7th song at a point unknown at the time they decided against overdubbing Mike’s guitar on that one. So they were down to 6. Then, for some forgotten reason, they then decided against using “Fear of Napalm”, until Nate came to my place to have a listen and changed his (and the bands) mind and we laid the vocal track right then in my living room. Years later I transferred the recorded material to digital, along with other 4 track recordings and found a live version of the cut off track (“What’s with You and the Cactus?” not the original title, but the one Nate gave it when we rediscovered it.) and realized that the tape had actually run out right at the end of the version on the demo recording. So, in remastering this recording I have added the 7th track as well as a slightly edited version of the song “Concussion” which was recorded at Stockbridge Studios and put on the “Variety Comp.” from 3000 Records. The version of “Concussion” here has a slightly shorter intro than the original. I added this, because these songs all showcase Bottom Feeder with it’s original lineup: Nate Carey- guitar & vox., Mike Hanson- guitar & vox., Snapper- bass and Kevin(Roach)- drums. Those of you who have or remember the Mythos Demo will also notice the digital editing and addition of some effects not on the original recording, all of which had Nate’s blessing. Enjoy!

Reprisal Demo

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Here’s the first recording Reprisal did. This is another one of my own recordings, done at their practice space in the Kent City area. Another tough one due to equipment and space as they all had to do the vocals at the same time and we could only use 1 or 2 mics. I’m guessing track 8 didn’t have a name at the time we recorded this, since there isn’t one written down on my original 4-track tape. Call it whatever you want. The lineup is Ian on vocals, Nate on guitar & vox., Mike (Slayor) on bass & vox. and Kevin (Roach) on drums & vox.. They did a second recording @ Stockbridge Studios in March of ’96 (which I will be sending your way also) that has some of the same songs with a few others. – Phil



Egg Species Demo Tape

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Here’s your next installment, Egg Species (or 00 Species as they sometimes wrote it). I recorded this one myself, on 4-track at their apt. on Diamond S.E. I don’t remember what year this was recorded, my original tape says it was Feb. 5 but no year. The acoustics were pretty bad and my equipment at the time wasn’t that great either. It didn’t help that they wanted to do the basics (i.e. drums/bass/guitar) live without overdubbing which made it very difficult to isolate and make sure I was picking everything up ok. To me, the drums were to weak with the bass drum being almost non existent. The bass guitar is on the same track as the drums, so there’s not much I could do about boosting one without the other. Fortunately with some work I feel that I have made it sound a little better than the original. The lineup is Loren on guitar, vocals & analog synth., Chad H. (from S.A.) on bass & vocals and Farrah on drums. They never released this recording in any form that I know of. That being said, they did release one dual cassette demo that was purely noise to which I was given, undeservedly, some recording credit. Honestly I don’t know with whom or where they recorded that stuff, but it wasn’t with me. The artwork I am sending is from a sticker that came with that dual cassette. Enjoy! – Phillip Snijders


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Bevclone (90’s GR Punk)

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Bevclone moved here, to G.R., in the mid 90’s. They moved out of here in the mid 90’s also. However short lived they’re time here was, I remember them playing shows here. Their vocalist Tommy was cool but the rest of them were pretty standoffish. Here’s their one and only seven inch(that I’m aware of, anyway). – Phillip Snijders


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The Hubies (GR)

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Check these guys out. DOWNLOAD some shit!